Moonlight Reflections Testers

Moonlight Reflections Testers

 October 31, 2021 By Steph Forster

Happy Halloween! 

To celebrate the launch of my free pattern, Moonlight Reflections, as well as Halloween, here are my tester's photos along with their favorite Halloween things! Moonlight Reflections is available for free to newsletter subscribers. Subscribe here to get your pattern today. 

To start off the Halloween sharing, here are some of my favorite things about Halloween:
Movie: Halloweentown, it's such a classic
Books: This month I read the Ms. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series and loved them!
Treat: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Drink: Elysian Night Owl pumpkin beer
Activity: Posing my cats with their pumpkin toys and taking their portraits

And NOW, on to the testers!

Christine from Kindred Quilt Co

Movie: Jeepers creepers hands down!
Treat: smarties candies and anything dark chocolate
Activity: planning out family themed costumes :)
Check out Christine's instagram and shop linked here.

Matthew from The Quilty Architect

Movie: Has to be Hocus Pocus!
Treat: Peanut Butter M&Ms and anything Reese's Peanut Butter.
Activity: Baking [read: eating] all the fall baked goods.
Check out Matthew's instagram and shop linked here.

Sylvia Raschella

Movie: Hocus Pocus
Treat: Jolly Ranchers
Activity: Pumpkin Carving
Check out Sylvia's instagram and website linked here.

Katherine Elizabeth

Check out Katherine's instagram and website linked here.

Katie from Crestview Quilts

Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas (I'm basic, I know)
Treat: Reese's Pumpkins (not cups!)
Activity: Carving pumpkins, preferably with a quilt block design!
Check out Katie's instagram and shop linked here.

Charla from Tree House Quilting Co

Movie: I looooove all Halloween movies! But I can't let a Halloween pass without watching the original Halloween movie.
Drink/Candy: I love pretty much all Halloween candy or chocolates. Drinks too 😂 I love Apple Cider and Butterbeer
Activity: Haunted corn mazes and handing out candy to the cute kiddos
Check out Charla's instagram and website linked here. Quilt kits available here.

Kaitlyn from LJ Makes

Movie: Little Shop of Horrors (does that count? I’ve only seen it live and not the movie. But I loved it!)
Treat: pumpkin spice latte, basic I know. 
Activity: In non-Covid times, finding the deepest corn pit and enjoying it more than the kids. During Covid times, there’s a non-profit near us that sets up themed sunflower fields and exploring those is really fun!
Check out Kaitlyn's instagram linked here.

Chelsea from Create with Chel

Book: The Hallo-Wiener” 🌭🐶
Treat: chewy sweet-tarts and Kit Kat’s 
Drink: apple cider mimosa with caramel/sugar rim or any local WV fall beer! (Or hot mulled wine 🍷) 
Activity: going to a pumpkin patch or outdoor market
Check out Chelsea's instagram linked here. 

Jennyth from Pasadena Quilt Studio

Movie: Sixth Sense
Treat: Sour Patch Kids
Activity: Going to pumpkin patches when my kids were little
Check out Jennyth's instagram and website linked here. Quilt kits available here.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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