Solar Phases QAL Week Four

Solar Phases QAL Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of the Solar Phases QAL!

This week we're sewing together our curve blocks and our strip blocks. I'll walk you through how I sew my curves to make the perfect circle!

Lining Up Curve Blocks

First, match up two curves that look like they're about the same size.

Two Curve Blocks Aligned

Next, match up the seams and pin on the right.

Blocks right sides together

Match up the seams and pin on the left.

Align left side of the curve

Now, stitch approximately a 1" line where the seams match. This is to ensure your seams match up perfectly without having to seam rip an entire block.

1" stitch line

Remove pins and see if your seams match up to make a full circle. If they're a bit off, it's much easier to seam rip and give it another try.

Open curves to ensure seams match

Once you're happy with your seams, stitch across the entire block to sew pieces together.

Curves sewn together

Open up, press, and you've got your perfect circle!

Full circle pieced

Check instagram later this week for a video of me sewing my curves into full circles!

Strip Blocks Tip

I press my strips after I sew each strip to the block. This helps keep the strips nice and even and straight. I press my seams open, but feel free to use whatever method you prefer best.

This Week's Prizes and Sponsors

The prize for Week Four of the Solar Phases QAL is a $75 CAD Gift Card to 
Piece Fabric Co!
Piece Fabric Co

To be eligible for this week’s prize, post a photo to Instagram of your sewn blocks by 8pm PST on March 27th and use the hashtag #SolarPhasesQAL and #SolarPhasesQuilt in your caption! A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, March 28th! Remember that your account must be public to participate. Next week we sew all of our blocks together to finish our tops!

See you then!


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